Software Stories should be organized as Call Stacks, not Queues.

Stories and Epics and Subtasks, ohh my!! Dorothy the Product Owner It seems no matter who I ask, I can never get a straight definition of what an “epic is.” I find this fact alarming. Agile teams all over the planet, replete with very intelligent people, opt to organize their work load in terms ofContinue reading “Software Stories should be organized as Call Stacks, not Queues.”

The Rule of Three, Life Hacks to make your Interviews (and just about anything else) Easier

The rule The Rule of Three is quite simple. In terms of any topic, commit to summarizing that topic in 3 points. Not two. Not four. Three. Applying the rule: the interview process As a novice interviewer, I found the interview process to always be overwhelming. Even the rudimentary ritual of coughing up the ‘elevator’Continue reading “The Rule of Three, Life Hacks to make your Interviews (and just about anything else) Easier”

Every Web Application is the same, the SELID Website

What does google,, and, have in common? They are all websites, obviously, but not just that; they all follow the same pattern: The visitor is presented with a search field After querying for something, the visitor is then whisked away to a search results page Upon clicking on a result, a details pageContinue reading “Every Web Application is the same, the SELID Website”

An Engineer’s take on “Company Culture”

The “Company Culture” topic comes up quite often, and for good reason. The culture of a company is a chief driver in the success of the company. Despite of its profound impact in both the operation of a company as well as the interview process, I feel that most discussions revolving around it are oftenContinue reading “An Engineer’s take on “Company Culture””

Containers: not the Go-To Solution for every Problem

A part of the Anti-Pattern Series. Containers, as imagined by the people at Docker, have created a wonderful technology, that has already cemented itself as the best-in-class solution for deploying applications into production infrastructure, replacing the clumsy, heavy, expensive, and complicated proprietary Virtual Machine strategies that came before. However, the dev community has been tooContinue reading “Containers: not the Go-To Solution for every Problem”

The Software Engineer Interview Series

Part One: It’s about the Culture. Dating back even before my early days as a Junior Developer when I was trying to carve out a living during the difficult era of the Great Recession, I recall attending an interview workshop put on by my local community in order to make the most of my chancesContinue reading “The Software Engineer Interview Series”